You can be adapted through an invitation only. You will have a sponsor, a mentor you work with. So contact the person who invited you in order to access the back office you need for work. There’s a license fee of approx. $ 13 € including tax you have to pay. It’s a once in a life time fee. When you have paid this license you access the back office – your online office. This is a cloud based income and you can work anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet.

It’s learning by doing and you can start making money from day one. Optimally you work with a team of four. So we have a teach 4 to reach 4 education system. The good part with this is that you choose who these people are that you work with – they are of your own personal preference. Facebook have the same kind of work community where new people choose where and with whom they want to work. We are also in many other areas a company of the future and creating new paradigms – a new normal.

You work on average 10 – 15 minutes a day only. If you work according to our mentoring you may work for 4 years and retire on a residual income. But do not quit your day job or your current level of income. But allocate fifteen minutes a day to work with us and eventually you reach a tipping point where you can quit – unless you are already financially free. If you are this one of the smartest ways to create more. And also to help your peer financially. Money is value. And we create a lot of value around the world. We are operative in more than 200 countries.